Want to get involed? 



Worship and Message starts at 7pm in Teen Room


Wednesday Nights we focus on knowing who God is and applying His Word to our lives. 


Youth Service

We start with Live Worship led by students and

followed by the message from Pastor James. Pastor James normally has monthly series which can be found on Home Page or Calendar.



Starting at 6pm we have games in the gym or out on the field. Of course the teen room will be open to hangout and grab a snack from our Snack Shack.


Snack Shack

The snack shack opens at 6pm and provides drinks and snacks for $.50 and candy for $1


(For visitors first time signing in on Ipad by front door of Teen Room recieve free drink and snack)





Meet at 9:30am in Teen Room

(Breakfast will be provided)


For Sunday School we study Biblical Foundations that help us stand firm on the Word of God. High School students often lead with prayer, scripture, asking the questions.


Mentorship Designed

As Christ discipled those who followed to disciple others we as well teach our students to lead and teach. Once entering HIgh School students have the oppertunity to mentor others.

9th Graders help 2nd&3rd graders Sunday School

10th Graders help 4th&5th graders Sunday School

11-12th Graders lead and help teach 6-8th graders (Jr. High) in Teen Room 


Meet Sunday Night 5pm in Church Foyer


'We believe discipleship is more than a 6 week course or a program, but a way of life. Our desire is to be like Christ and His disciples where they gathered together shared, encouraged, and kept each other accountable.


W.A.T.E.R is an accronym of what we do every Sunday Night when we meet. It is not classroom setting where one teaches and all listens, but where all are engaged and share.


W - What are you learning 

(Share what you have learned through scripture this week in your private time)

A - Accountability

(Share with scripture if have seen someone not follow in footsteps of Christ...this is not a time to point fingers, rather with scripture show what God teaches)

T - Teaching Others

(Share how and when in the past week you where a witness of Christ and live it out or shared the gospel)

E - Encouraging Others

(Encourage someone who you have seen be Christ like this week)

R - Rest & Prayer

(Have you found rest this week? Rest in God? Pray for the person sitting to the right of you)