Monthly Newsletter is to help provide details of events, sermon series, share what God is doing in/or leading WOW Student Ministry, as well as encourage and equipping parents with Biblical foundations.


You can also get up to date information through our mass text, facebook, twitter, and instagram which all info is found on our calendar page.


Walking On Water Student Ministry is a family-based ministry. My goal is to encourage, equip, restore, and empower families through Christ. My hope is to be a resource for you (Parents) to help you and your family grow spiritually. Feel free to contact me anytime for Biblical advice or counciling anytime. 

- Pastor James


As a Pastor over the years I have found many great resources such as articles, websites, etc. that has helped equip parents with parenting skills, understanding their student's culture, and to info to contact local ministries or helplines. The button below is to the resources and if have any questions please contact me anytime.

- Pastor James

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